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Housing and Mental Health

By July 3, 2019No Comments

This month we are sharing information, advice and stories to do with housing and mental health. Where you live can have a huge impact on your mental health – everyone needs safe, stable and suitable housing to stay well.

Poor mental health can make it harder to cope with housing problems, while being homeless or having problems in your home can make your mental health worse. There are lots of different reasons why your mental health and your housing situation might affect each other. These could be due to:

  • Stress and anxiety – If wherever you’re living feels unsafe, uncomfortable or insecure, you might constantly feel stressed, anxious, panicked or depressed.
  • Relationship problems – Housing problems can put a strain on relationships. For example, feeling angry or stressed can cause arguments or make it hard to discuss what to do. Relationship breakdown, for example with parents or partners, can also result in housing problems.​
  • Sleeping problems – If your sleeping conditions are noisy, crowded, uncomfortable or chaotic you might find it hard to sleep. Stress and worry can also keep you awake.
  • Money problems – Problems with money, housing and mental health often go together. Money problems might mean you’re struggling to afford rent, mortgage payments or bills.
  • Practical difficulties – Having a mental health problem can make it harder to cope with keeping on top of bills and letters, or talking to people like landlords or housing associations.
  • Physical health problems – Environmental issues such as damp, mould, and dirt can make you physically unwell. If you don’t have access to cooking or washing facilities you might find it hard to eat healthily, exercise and take care of yourself. Experiencing physical illnesses can impact on your mental health.

There are things we all can do to make our housing environment a safe place for us to stay well. If you would like some tips on how to make your house a home and improve your housing environment – click here to view a handy guide from Mind.

It can feel really hard to ask for help with housing problems, but there are lots of people you can turn to. For information on a range of housing queries you can contact your local authority or get in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau.