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Kooth – Digital counselling support service launches in Hull

By | News | No Comments is an award winning and innovative online counselling and support service which is now available to all young people aged 11-25 years across Hull, East Riding and North Lincolnshire. Kooth has been commissioned by the NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group and North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

It is a safe, confidential and anonymous way for young people to access emotional wellbeing and early intervention mental health support.

Please see information on how to visit in the letter and information leaflet here.

UPDATE – Volunteering

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we are currently not accepting any new applications for volunteers.

We will re-open applications when things are back to normal and it is safe for us to do so.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

#5W2WChallenge – GIVE

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It’s the final challenge of our #5W2WChallenge. Thank you so much for taking part and we really do hope these have helped.

Our last challenge is Give.

Participation in social and community life has attracted a lot of attention in the field of wellbeing research. Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy. Research into actions for promoting happiness has shown that committing an act of kindness once a week over a six-week period is associated with an increase in wellbeing. Even the smallest act of giving or kindness counts, whether it’s a smile, a thank you or a kind word.

Why not try one of the following:

• Give your friend or family member a compliment over text / phone / social media.
• Register to volunteer at a local charity (and start once things are back to normal).
• Make someone you live with a cuppa or make them tea.

Good Luck!
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

#5W2WChallenge – KEEP LEARNING

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Its day four of our #5W2WChallenge. We hope you have enjoyed the last 4 challenges and are finding it useful in improving your mental health during these times. It’s important to remember that the 5 ways to wellbeing don’t just help during these times – by incorporating these into your daily lives can really help to improve your overall wellbeing.

This challenge is Keep Learning.

Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more active life. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the opportunity to engage in work or educational activities particularly helps to lift older people out of depression. The practice of setting goals, which is related to adult learning in particular, has been strongly associated with higher levels of positive mental health and wellbeing.

Why not learn something new today? Here are a few more ideas:

•Read the news or a book.
•Watch a new film or series.
•Do a crossword or Sudoku.
•Research something you’ve always wondered about.
•Learn a new language.

Do keep us updated on social media by sharing your snaps and hashtagging #5W2WChallenge @MindHEY

Good Luck!
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

#5W2WChallenge – TAKE NOTICE

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Its day 3 of our #5W2WChallenge. We hope you are finding these useful with the current situation going on around the world.

Today’s challenge is Take Notice.

Reminding yourself to ‘take notice’ can strengthen and broaden awareness. Studies have shown that being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances your well-being and savouring ‘the moment’ can help to reaffirm your life priorities. Heightened awareness also enhances your self-understanding and allows you to make positive choices based on your own values and motivations.

Take some time today to enjoy the moment and the environment around you. Here are a few ideas:

•Do some gardening and really take notice of your garden – maybe make a plan for summer.
•Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day.
•Take a different route during your daily exercise outdoors.

Do keep us updated on social media by sharing your snaps and hashtagging #5W2WChallenge @MindHEY

Good Luck!
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

#5W2WChallenge – BE ACTIVE

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Its day 2 of our #5W2WChallenge. We hope you enjoyed the first day of the challenge yesterday and got to connect with lots of different people.

Today’s challenge is Be Active.

Regular physical activity is often linked with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. Exercise is really good for positive well-being. But it doesn’t need to be particularly intense for you to feel good – slower-paced activities, such as walking, can have the benefit of encouraging social interactions as well providing some level of exercise.

The government have stated that we are able to complete one form of exercise a day outdoors – for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household – but physical activity doesn’t have to be in the gym, and it doesn’t have to be outside.

Today, why not try out one of the following ideas:

•Take part in an online fitness class. There are lots of home-workouts available online for free.
•Go for a walk or cycle.
•Tidy some rooms around your house.
•Do some gardening.

Do keep us updated on social media by sharing your snaps and hashtagging #5W2WChallenge @MindHEY

Good Luck!
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

#5W2WChallenge – CONNECT

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We know that the current situation around the world regarding Covid-19 is having a huge impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. Our #5W2W challenge is here to provide you with ideas on what you can do to improve your mental health – in the comfort of your own home.

The first of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing is connect.

There is strong evidence that relationships with other people are a fundamental human need and one that contributes to functioning well in the world. Social relationships- whether that’s with friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues- are important for promoting wellbeing and positive mental health for everyone.

We know that people have been asked to stay at home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people. With this in mind, try to do something different today and make a connection.

•Talk to someone on the phone – you could even use video call so you can see them.
•Give an old friend a call – why not reach out to some friends on social media.
•Create a group chat and play a quiz – you can do this on platforms such as Facebook.
•Have a games night and socialise with other people you live with.

Do keep us updated on social media by sharing your snaps and hashtagging #5W2WChallenge @MindHEY

Good Luck!
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

Update from Hull and East Yorkshire Mind – Covid 19

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Update from Hull and East Yorkshire Mind regarding COVID-19

Emma Dallimore, Chief Executive at Hull and East Yorkshire Mind said:
“We appreciate that the current situation around coronavirus is worrying for many. During these unprecedented times it might feel more difficult than usual to take care of your mental health and wellbeing – but it’s important to remember that you are not alone and there are people available to help. Although our offices are closed, we have plans in place to ensure that we can continue to support people across the local area who are experiencing poor mental health”

All of our services are still available, albeit over the telephone. As well as that, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind continue to have staff working in essential services such as working with Humberside Police in their force control room, supporting Hull Royal Infirmary with people presenting in crisis as well as helping people living in our supported living environments.

If you feel like your mental health has been affected by Covid-19, it can help to speak to someone. For more information, advice or support – call 01482 240200 or email
Alternatively, click here for more information on Coronavirus and your mental health.