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I used to think I couldn’t make this life,

Everything seemed so bad.

Honestly I feel like I was saved

With help from Crisis Pad.


I cannot thank you all enough

For all the given help and support

You helped me see that life can be good,

Instead of just been a bad thought.


You are all amazing people

And it makes me feel very touched

To share my up and down journey with you all,

So thank you all so much.


My path is on a positive

And I hope that it will stay

But with the help I’ve had from you guys

I know I’ll be okay.

I am so glad to have met you all,

From MHAST to Crisis Pad

One day will be my last and I think that day will be sad.


You have helped me gain my trust again

That there are still people who are amazing

I am so thankful and appreciative and you all

Deserve a praising.


Some heroes don’t wear capes

They are regular people day to day

And without you all I can honestly say I

Wouldn’t be here today.


So be proud of the hard work you do, helping

So many people like me.

People like you are so hard to find.

So a massive appreciation goes to all the staff

At Hull and East Yorkshire Mind.