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HEY Mind Chief Executive David Smith responds to the launch of the Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan

By November 22, 2016No Comments

Launch of Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan

“For too long, mental health was seen as something sitting on the side-lines of healthcare undeserving of the recognition and resources given to physical illnesses. I am pleased to see this is changing. With the ability to influence the very core of the strategy, a clear commitment from the top and specific priority areas that address the issues people tell us about every day I am hugely optimistic about how Humber Coast and Vale STP will improve the lives of people in our area. It won’t happen overnight but we’ll be there every step of the way making sure they stay true to their plan, listen closely to the voices of people who use services and confront the problems that people face on an everyday basis.

We have been delighted that this time around the NHS and its partners have included us from the outset when thinking about how the transformation of healthcare might improve the lives of people living in Humber, Coast and Vale. From doing more to prevent mental health problems through to improving peoples experience of services and their ability to live independently the issues the STP are focussing on are things people talk to us about every day. In many ways, this has been the easy part of the process; the real work begins now working with people across the area to help develop a sustainable system that works better for them.

The opportunity for individuals, the voluntary and community sector to seriously influence public sector policy is rare and this is doubly so given the complexities involved in healthcare and integration. The open door and willingness to talk we found from the outset of this process has been a refreshing change and a huge step forward.”

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