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Calling all football fans! Help to improve match day experience for people with mental health problems

By August 14, 2017September 20th, 2017No Comments

The English Football League (EFL) are looking for fans with mental health problems to experience the entirety of the match day experience and to report on their experiences.

This includes:

  • enquiring about and purchasing tickets
  • travelling to stadiums
  • then everything that happens on the match day itself from arriving at the turnstiles to the catering and the visit to club shop.

Assessors are asked to report on their experiences, in return for having all of their match day expenses covered. The EFL have successfully run similar initiatives with families, female fans and people with disabilities and are keen to engage people with mental health problems in their feedback.

About the assessors

The EFL would like to recruit football fans who are regular/semi-regular match day attendees to buy tickets to attend a game at a club (or clubs) other than their own. This allows them to provide clubs with the most objective feedback possible by providing the fan with an experience they have not had before.

Once they’ve recruited assessors, EFL will email out all of the relevant documentation to them directly. Post-match once the fan’s completed report has been received the EFL will reimburse expenses which include:

  • cost of tickets for the assessor and, if necessary, a friend or carer
  • travel @30p per mile or standard public transport,
  • refreshments inside the stadium, (up to £20 per visit)
  • parking
  • a match day programme and;
  • a small retail purchase (up to £10).

The EFL are looking to visit 50 clubs this season from the Championship, League One and League Two.

Further information

For more information please contact [email protected].

Applications are being accepted until the end of August 2017.