Peer Support Groups

One of the most difficult things that can accompany a diagnosis of mental ill-health is the feeling that you are alone. That nobody else understands what you are going through or can offer hope for the future.

Our groups offer a fantastic forum to meet other people for support and are a great opportunity to be part of something that helps you recover.

Across Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire there are a wide variety of groups that can be accessed. Activities are informed by the people who attend, with regular group meetings to empower members to have ownership and to feel a part of something. Sessions have a variety of structured therapeutic themes that are delivered by a staff member and developed to enable recovery and build confidence.

Membership to group activity is time scaled as part of an individualised support plan to ensure that you’re heading in a direction that’s good for you. Social inclusion is an important element of membership and people who attend activities are also encouraged to meet outside of the group. This allows friendships to develop and integration into the local community.