The Time to Change Employers Pledge

Let’s get Hull talking about mental health.

Mental health problems at work are common. At least one in six workers will experiencing common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

When you sign the Employer Pledge you demonstrate your commitment to change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and make sure that employees who are facing these problems feel supported.

By signing the Pledge you will join a growing movement of more than 900 employers in England across all sectors from FTSE 100 companies and leading retailers to Government departments and local authorities.

With thanks to Hull City Council for providing us with the funding for this project.

Why should we sign the Time to Change Employer Pledge?

Mental health is an issue your organisation cannot afford to ignore:

● 1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health every year
● Mental ill-health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, costing an average of £1035 per employee per year
● Overall mental ill-health produces a cost of between £33 and £42 billion to employers each year (with over half of this coming from presenteeism wherein individuals are less productive due to poor mental health)
● FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by an average of 10%

What has signing the pledge achieved?

Since singing the Pledge:
● 95% said it had a positive impact on their organisation
● 50% reported a rise in staff disclosure

What will it do for our staff?

● Encourage them to talk about their mental health which can make a real difference to sickness absence rates, presenteeism levels, staff wellbeing and productivity
● 95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason – opening up the discussions around mental health will give staff the confidence to disclose the real reasons for their absences
● Staff are more likely to seek support before reaching crisis point and needing to be signed off sick for longer periods
● Staff will feel more loyal and invested in your organisation which in turn will increase retention rates

How can we support you to carry out the pledge?

We will work with you to develop an action plan to get your employees talking about mental health. This spans from small actions to larger ones – all tailored to what your organisation would benefit from. We will be putting on Information and Training workshops through the year leading to a conference in October when all of the employers who have signed up in the year can publicly sign the pledge to mark their commitment to your employees.

How can i get involved?

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How did you hear about us?

We would like to keep in touch with you about the vital work we do for mental health in our local area, our fundraising appeals, ways you can support us, and our campaigning activities. Please tick to allow us to contact you using the details above.You can change your mind at any time by emailing or by calling 01482 240200.