Wellington Care

Providing specialised caring support for people with severe or long term mental health needs.

Wellington Care provides specialised caring support for people with severe or long term mental health needs. We are experts in mental health and will make sure each individual gets the care they need as well as helping them work towards their own personal goals.


Who we are

Wellington Care provides health and social care services, specialising in mental health. It is wholly owned by Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, the leading mental health charity in the local area, and works across the Humber in Hull, the East Riding and North Lincolnshire. Although it is a separate organisation from Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, it shares Mind’s values and model of good mental health care (REACH).

Who is this for?

The support that Wellington Care provides specialises in individual, tailored support for adults with severe, long term mental health needs, and/or people who have additional needs alongside their mental health such as a learning disability, autism or a physical health problem.

Wellington Care provides ‘step down’ services to support people to leave inpatient hospitals early, but still ensuring they are still able to receive high levels of care and support. In addition, we provide a ‘step up’ service to help prevent admission to hospital by providing a higher level of specialised support than is available elsewhere.

What we do 

Wellington Care supports people in a variety of settings, including our specialist residential care home, a person’s own home or shared supported living homes. We can also help find suitable accommodation via our partnership with Hull and East Yorkshire Mind who are a registered social landlord.

Our expert mental health team work with each individual to enable them to work towards the goals and aspirations that are right for them. We support them to live a happy and fulfilling life and to be as independent as they can.

We will work with each individual to help them in all areas of their life where they need support- whether that is their mental health needs, day to day care, daily living skills, social and emotional or additional needs such as autism or physical health.

Why we’re different to the others

Wellington Care understands that everyone is different and has different needs. That’s why we work with each individual to find out what they need and want, and to help them to achieve this. Each person we work with is fully involved in planning their care and support.

Wellington Care’s team of mental health specialists ensure that everyone we work with receives high quality, caring support. As well as making sure each person’s daily needs are met, the team work with each individual to help them make progress towards their goals, whether that be increased daily living skills, more independence, social or emotional skills and so on.

Unlike many other providers of health and social care, Wellington Care helps a person with any areas where they need support. We know that mental health cannot be treated on its own, and so we help with all areas of a person’s life.

For more information please call 01482 240138 or email [email protected]