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Get motivated for Step Into January – Gayes Story

By December 22, 2020No Comments

We wanted to share some stories from people within the company about their take on fundraising, getting active and Step into January. Read Gayes story below.

Whether I’m feeling lethargic, stressed, bored or just generally fed-up there’s nothing that makes me feel better than getting outside, preferably in a natural environment, and getting my body moving.

It doesn’t need to be especially athletic; running can give me the world’s best buzz but some days it just feels too daunting to run. So a brisk walk, just round the block or all day long, is often just as good. Breathe in the fresh air and feel your body coming alive.

And perfect if done with friends and with the opportunity to experience nature in all its glory too. Our long walk this weekend took in a sunrise and a sunset plus bird-spotting, singing and even a bit of dancing – total bliss!

To sign up to Step Into January, click here.