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A poem from Steph – Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Ambassador

By July 16, 2021No Comments

Here is a poem by Steph, one of our Children and Young Peoples Wellbeing Ambassador about social media.


I hear my phone ping


Someone’s just posted a new selfie

With filters and photoshop taking up more room than their own face


Sure they’re smiling, but make no mistake

The life they illustrate

On their social platform

Doesn’t match their day-to-day reality


I hear my phone ping


Some new beef has started

And now everyone is at each other’s throats in the comment section

But what those hyper-typing savages are really on the hunt for is attention


That’s all most of us look for


A place to be seen

A place to be heard

A place to call home


Somewhere we can control the way others see us


After a few clicks here

And few more there

You can go from Billy-no-mates

To Billy-with-hundreds-of-mates


And in some ways it’s fantastic and freeing

But in others it’s toxicating

With the line between the two moving more hysterically

Than the tasmanian devil after 5 cups of coffee


I hear my phone ping

But when I check it

The lock screen is deserted of notifications

And now I’m full of worry

That my last status

Was too lame

Or weird

Or stupid

And now everyone hates me


I hear my phone ping

And with red roar eyes

And a tired mind

I sit and wonder


How have we got here?

Forced in tight phone chains