How to open up and talk to your friends and family about your mental health

By March 4, 2019News

Sometimes it can be really difficult to talk about your feelings with friends or family. It’s natural to feel worried about upsetting people you care about, to feel nervous about what people may think or how it might affect your relationships.

Many people feel more at ease opening up to friends or family other than professionals, but some find it easier to approach a professional first such as their doctor. The thing is, there is no right or wrong way. However, those closest to us can often be a valuable source of support.

When you feel ready to talk to someone these tips might help you start the conversation:

  • Find a method of communication that feels right for you

This might be a conversation in person or you might find it easier to talk over the telephone or in a letter.

  • Find a suitable time and place


There may not be a ‘good’ time but it can help if you’re somewhere quiet, comfortable and unlikely to be disturbed.

  • Prepare what you want to say


For example through practice or making notes using phrases such as “I’ve not been feeling like myself lately” or “I’m finding it hard to cope at the moment” may provide a starting point for the conversation.

  • Be honest and open


Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable sharing something personal but explaining how your feelings are affecting your life may help others to understand.

Seeking support is the first step to recovery, remember it’s always okay to ask for help

If you would like some support, get in touch on 01482 240 200 or email

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