Sometimes it can be hard to know what changes you want to make and how to make them. This can be particularly true if you are experiencing a mental health problem and finding it difficult to think about what the future might hold.

If you feel isolated, anxious or lacking in confidence and self-esteem our committed and friendly mentors can support you to achieve your goals.

Our mentors will meet with you once a week for up to three months, to support you in practical ways, which will help you to improve your mental wellbeing, increase confidence and feel part of your community. This might be things like making sure you’re getting the support you need, helping you find work or deal with issues in your current job. It could also be practical matters such as getting out and about and meeting more people. Some of the people who received this mentoring support in the past had this to say:

“Brilliant and very helpful. Made me feel safe and able to trust”

“Before I started the mentoring programme I was in a very bad place. Leaving the house filled me with deep anxiety and distress. I was suffering from depression and I had little to zero motivation to change. Working with my mentor has helped me realise that there are good people out there and has given me the hope and determination to achieve the rest of my goals. Thank you.’